Credit Card Auto-Pay Program

At Summit Self Storage, LLC we encourage payment with either VISA or Master Card. Contact Summit Self Storage, LLC to learn more about our credit card auto-pay program. This program provides timely rental payment, avoids the cost & hassle of postage, and ensures there is never a late fee.


Price /month Size What can fit in this space?
$40.00 5x10 washer & dryer, desk & patio furniture
$50.00 10x10 contents of a small bedroom, or 1 bedroom apartment
$75.00 10x20 contents of a one car garage or four bedroom apartment or house
$95.00 10x28 furnishings of a 3-5 bedroom home, or contents of a 1 & 1/2 car garage
$135.00 20x20 Automobile/Truck, appliances, patio furniture, contents of a 2 car garage
  • Unit sizes are approximate and for comparison purposes only. Spaces may be larger or smaller than advertised. Spaces are not rented by the square foot and rent is not based on square-foot measurements.